'A detailed, reliable and perceptive analysis of market activity and trends’

The EMGE Woodfree Paper Market report series examine market activity and trends in the woodfree paper markets of Western Europe. The report series has been specifically designed to assist paper-makers and others plan their activities and involvement in this important sector. Nearly all the major companies and many others are regular subscribers.

Each report contains a wealth of information, covering demand for all grades of woodfree paper (coated and uncoated; reels, sheets, cut-size, etc), imports/exports, supply, capacity and prices. The reports give in-depth coverage of key issues such as Inventory Cycles and Paper/Pulp prices.

The information and forecasts are based on thorough yet impartial analysis of published and semi-published information, supported by continuous, detailed market research. Subscribers tell us that the forecasts are unique, perceptive and valuable.

- The Woodfree Paper Market reports are focused on Western Europe giving specific market information on Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Nordic, Benelux, Iberia and Other. Grades covered include Coated WF reels, sheets; Uncoated WF reels, offset sheets, cut-size. The reports also contain:

  • Demand forecasts by sub-grade and country/region
  • Detailed company capacity data with comprehensive investment listings.
  • Pulp and Paper forecasts (Germany/Euro, UK/GB£)
  • Leading supplier tables
  • Imports and Exports by grade

Subscribers also benefit from access to the EMGE subscriber information and support service which is a full back-up service allowing subscribers to ask us questions and to obtain responses to market queries as required.

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