EMGE’s WORLD GRAPHIC PAPER report (WGP) provides a unique and comprehensive database of world markets, assessing the current situation and the 5-year market outlook for the complete range of papers across all regions of the world.

The WGP reports provide a unique and comprehensive database of world markets, assessing the current situation and the market outlook for the complete range of products in all regions of the world.

The aim of the reports is to provide an objective outlook of the prospects for world paper markets – ie Coated Woodfree, Uncoated Woodfree, Coated Mechanical and Uncoated Mechanical. Detailed information on Newsprint markets is available separately, in our companion report EMGE World Newsprint Markets.

The WGP report provides revised and updated forecasts of Demand, Trade, Output, Capacity, Operating Rates and Paper Prices for each grade. All countries and regions are covered to provide a comprehensive global and local demand-supply balance. The forecast timescale is five years from the base year.

Individual country data are provided. Forecasts are grouped by region, as follows:-

  • West Europe (EU, Norway and Switzerland)
  • North America (USA & Canada)
  • Japan
  • China/Hong Kong
  • Other Asia (All Asia and Oceania except Japan, China, Hong Kong & Middle East)
  • Other Europe (East.Europe/Russia, Greece, Iceland, etc)
  • Latin America
  • Africa/ME (All Africa & Middle East including Turkey & Israel)

In order to assess the impact of increasing consolidation and changing industry structure, the report provides detailed rankings of Leading Suppliers, by grade, region and total. At the request of our clients, these tables have been extended to give regional, as well as grade summaries and we publish ad-hoc updates for subscribers.

We continually update our global databases and incorporate the latest market and economic statistics. Additionally, we compile detailed analysis of capacity changes and investments, as well as M&A activity. As a result, each report contains the most up-to-date information available.

As well as a comprehensive collection of market data, great care has been taken to assess machine capacity in detail. The capacity data used only includes announced, financed and confirmed plans (ie numerous published plans which are unlikely to be commissioned are excluded from analysis), but the report provides additional information on all announced plans, so that readers can assess their own scenarios.

Furthermore, we have incorporated new research into the Herfindahl-Hirschman Index, which is an index based on market shares which is used by the Authorities to gauge the levels of concentration in an industry. We have applied this index to the Paper Industry and coined the term the Pi-HHi (pronounced “pie-high”).

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